People living in Wisconsin are no strangers to the weather conditions that affect our possessions. The winters have extreme snow and ice, and the summers have high humidity levels. Thankfully, climate controlled storage units can help to protect valuable items that cannot be replaced.

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Climate-controlled storage units have the ability to regulate temperatures and humidity levels to avoid moisture from accumulating. Oxidation, cracking, rust, and weathering on belongings is accelerated when exposed to the weather elements. Freezing temperatures can damage electronics, break wooden furniture, and ruin collectable items. Hot temperatures have a large impact on paper documents, pieces of artwork, and printed photographs.

Long exposure to moisture increases the probability of mold and mildew flourishing. Wood begins to crack and rot, leather becomes discolored, metals rust, documents can fade and other damage is probable from exposure to mold. By controlling temperature and humidity levels, these damages can be avoided. Climate controlled storage units can halt the ability for mold to develop.

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Continuous airflow within climate controlled storage units reduces dust and debris to help protect your valuables. These storage units are secluded and surrounded by sealed walls, floors, and roofs. This ensures that your valuables will remain in the same condition as you left them, regardless the amount of time left in storage.

The sealed storage unit ensures that rodents or insects do not cause property damage. Gnawing, nest-building, and defecation can cause irreversible damage to valuables. Electrical damage caused by gnawing is dangerous and can potentially result in fires. Evaluating electrical cords and wires regularly is important to ensure safety.


Storage units are typically utilized to reduce the amount of clutter found in homes and at-home garages. However, the safety of valuable possessions is a major concern. Climate controlled storage units reduce the risk of theft or unwanted damage to valuables. Having appropriate storage that is convenient reduces the risk of damage.

The Storage Guy, in Madison, offers 24/7 security with secured fencing, PIN-controlled access gates, and security camera monitoring.

Utilizing a climate controlled storage unit ensures one thing, peace of mind. The ability to control the temperature and humidity, protection from weather elements, elimination of rodents, and safety provides comfort. Climate controlled storage units preserve, secure, and conserve priceless property.


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