With spring comes warmer temperatures and the urge for spring cleaning. Here at The Storage Guy, we’ve created The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide!  

In this guide, you'll find:

First, you’ll need some motivational cleaning music. Get out your Airpods or your Sonos and let these upbeat mixes make your chores seem like a breeze!

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Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning Hip Hop
Cleaning the House

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Spring Cleaning Playlist
Best Catchy Songs to Listen to While Cleaning Your Room
The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Playlist


You’re ready to begin working on The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist – a room-by-room checklist of everything you’ll want to tackle.

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Now is the time to focus on those often-overlooked cleaning tasks!

Dish Rack
Dripping water from dishes left to sit will start to create mildew and mold. Be sure to clean your dish rack every few days by separating all parts, rinsing in hot water, scrubbing with distilled white vinegar, rinsing and letting air dry.

Can Opener
How often do you actually wash your can opener after use? Probably not often! Treat this item like any other utensil and wash (dishwasher or hand wash) after every use.

Toothbrush Holder
You may not think of cleaning your toothbrush holder, since it holds the item you use to clean your mouth.  This innocent-looking bathroom staple can actually be one of the germiest items living in your house. Plan to rinse it out weekly with hot water, scrub, fill with antibacterial mouthwash for several minutes, rinse and let air dry before use.

Shower Curtain Liner
Shower curtain liners can start to grow unseen mold – yuck! Every one or two months, you can clean it by running it through your washing machine using a half cup of baking soda with a few towels, then letting it hang-dry.

Brooms + Mops
There’s no point in cleaning with a dirty tool – so get them clean after each heavy use! Broom heads can be soaked in water + dish soap and mops can be soaked in water + bleach. Rinse, then let air dry.

Your home office (or make-shift office) is surely getting heavy use right now. Use these tips to get organized, stay focused and be more productive!

  1. Create a dedicated space for work only, whether it be a desk in your home office or a section of your kitchen table. Take into account lighting, ventilation, available space and possible distractions.
  2. Utilize cord organizers, cable wraps, or cable boxes to keep your area neat and orderly. Wireless chargers and devices also help to cut down on mess.
  3. Avoid doing housework or chores during your set work hours, except for designated breaks. Don’t break focus once you hear the dryer has finished or the mail has arrived.
  4. Keep your desk or work area clear and free of clutter. Throw away papers you no longer need and file other documents. Group like items together (USB drives, chargers, headphones) and cut down on multiples if they serve the same purpose.
  5. Make a list for the day and stick to one task at a time. Once the day is over, you can review the list and prioritize your tasks for the next day.


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