RV’s Require Extensive Attention

An RV is a great investment for those who love to road trip around the United States and at a low cost. No more hotels, no more eating out every night, and no longer will you be trapped in one location on your vacation. Many people feel the benefits of owning an RV exceed the costs, however, this is not true if one neglects their RV. Regular maintenance and an extensive knowledge of how to run and operate an RV is required for an RV to last in the long term. One of the most important aspects of taking care of an RV is storing it. Storing an RV improperly during the summer or winter can lead to a multitude of problems and can ultimately lead to its destruction. Similar to my blog about how to store a boat in the summer and winter, I will explain some of the options for storing  an RV.

Storing with a Budget Constraint

Storing an RV for many people is a given, especially for those living in a climate where it freezes during the winter. For those with significant budget constraints, storing an RV can become a risky operation. Pests, thefts, freezing temperatures, UV rays, ice, snow, and rain are not your friend. It is easy for an RV to become damaged if it is not under some sort of shelter, especially during the winter months.  It is recommended for those storing an RV without an overhead shelter to park it on concrete with chocks on each tire, away from any weeds that grow high, with a breathable cover, sun blocking tire covers, and close to home so it can be watched over. These were suggestions I read online from RV experts, but these apply to storing in summer months. Storing in the winter requires extensive research and knowledge of your specific RV and what is required before storing in the Winter.

Winter is Not Fun for RV Owners

Winter is not a friend to RVs and their owners. There is extensive maintenance required for one to keep their RV in tip top shape for when it warms up again. One needs to make sure that their RV has the correct amount of fluid in the engine, that there are no openings for pests to enter, that the water system has the correct amount of antifreeze in it, that the batteries are taken out properly and kept charged, that the fuel is stabilized, that there is ventilation, and much more. As you can see, there is a lot of tedious precautions to take when storing an RV during the winter – that is if it is in a non-climate controlled environment.

When an RV is idle during the winter and temperatures get below freezing, there are going to be problems with the RV in the spring. The engine’s fluid and batteries can be damaged and fail to work in the spring if there are any mistakes when storing it. This can cost hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars to fix so that an RV operates as it once did. Making sure the RV’s engine and system works properly is only half the problem associated with storing it in the winter. Many critters look to escape the winter and if the RV is stored in a place where animals or insects can access, there are going to be major problems. Mice and squirrels can chew through the vehicle’s wiring and they also love to chew on any plastic or rubber components. You would be surprised how easily these animals can get into an RV and I would recommend reading about where they can enter your machine online or in the owner’s manual. Expanding foam is the best option for sealing off your RV and using an appropriate cover, but expanding foam can be a mess because some people underestimate how much it expands. Pests are a major problem not only in the winter, but also in the summer. There are many ways to prevent pests from invading your RV and you can read about them online. Pests can destroy an RV and as well as mother nature.


Protecting and Maintaining an RV Doesn’t Have to be Hard

It struck me as a nuisance to make sure everything is tediously prepared for the cold winter and even when storing it during the summer months. There are so many risks associated with storing and maintaining an RV and many people do not understand all the potential risks. It is smart to invest in a storage unit for your RV not only to protect your RV, but also save you a lot of time and effort to make sure it is in mint condition. People are busy and do not have time to make sure that their specific RV is stored properly, that is why we want to help. With a climate controlled unit you don’t have to worry about mother nature damaging your rig nor do you have to worry about thefts stealing your rig.

Extensive maintenance during the winter or summer is not required for RV’s stored in a climate controlled storage unit because it is safe from the freezing cold temperatures, the summer heat, pests, and thefts. Security is a main concern for RV owners and storing an RV in your yard or at a friends is not always the best option. We are a professional storage company that specialize in helping you maintain your valuables. We want to help make sure your large investment is safe at all times from whatever it may be. You do not have to worry about pests, especially if stored in a storage unit. We have a professional pest control service that checks our facilities for any pests and prevents them from entering our facilities. We have security cameras, a gated access, and a log of who comes in and out of our facilities – so security should not be a concern either.

An RV is a large investment and for people who have not had their RV for a long time or do not have anyone to help them prepare for extreme weather, it can be a risky investment. Climate controlled storage is not cheap, but the benefits far exceed the costs. Anything you have to worry about when storing your RV is solved by storing it at a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage is not a must during the summer, but with humid summers in Wisconsin it is always good to consider this option for any valuable.  


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