Moving a business is not an unusual event in a business’s life. There are many reasons a company chooses to move to another location, all with the underlying motive to increase efficiency. Whether a business is downsizing or upgrading to a larger facility, it is going to have to make a plan before moving. Developing a well thought out moving plan is crucial to making the relocation process easier and will dull any lost opportunity costs because of the move.  Relocating a business is a big decision and if it is done too fast, things can go seriously wrong. It is extremely important to thoroughly research different options before committing to a property. One bad relocation decision and a company can go under in a hurry.

Relocating the Right Way

There are many things a company must do before moving; researching the different options is the first step, but planning the move is just as important. One of the first call to actions to attend to is to come to an agreement amongst the management team for absolute needs for the new office. Some companies may want a business space that allows them to do a multitude of their business operations at one location and some companies want another business space for their company to store inventory. Whatever the company needs at the new location should be discussed amongst the management team during the process of finding a new location so that the work environment is accomodating to the employees needs.  Hiring a broker helps with this process because they find the building that will satisfy your businesses needs – determining the businesses needs before hand is more important.


If downsizing, a business is going to have items in the office that either need to be thrown out or stored somewhere during the moving process. Deciding what to keep and what to throw should be planned out before the move ensuring there is no overwhelming feeling of not having a place for all business items. Not to mention, climate controlled storage is a great option for storing inventory or other business items at because it is cheaper than retail space. If moving to a bigger space, the business's inventory and materials need to be organized before the move so that it is a smoother transition. Whether a company is downsizing or upgrading to a new business space, staying organized is vital. Accurate records need to be kept of all inventory, important documents and files need to be kept separate and should be photocopied, and a timeline should be created to help a business track what is being moved and when. Key departments should be set up first and the office should already be planned out before the first box is even moved to a new location.


It is recommended that a professional moving company is hired for the moving process and it is also recommended that a moving consultant is hired for helping plan an efficient move. A move should be done when business is not that busy, usually in January after Christmas. Planning a move should not be rushed and should be extensively planned out. Unfortunately, many businesses rush through the process and have larger moving costs than expected.  According to, trying to hurry through the process of moving a business and trying to do it cheaply is the worst way to efficiently relocate.

Relocating the Wrong Way

Relocating a business is a huge decision and if you try to do it cheaply and without help, the business will likely not survive. Hiring a broker and moving company can be expensive, but it will ensure that you pick the right location and move efficiently. Professional moving companies do not organize items, which can be a problem, this is why planning the move is so crucial. The relocation process typically takes 9-12 months according to In Business Madison and during this time, planning the move should be second on the list – after finding a location. Gradually moving a company out of an old location and into a new location is most efficient.  Finding local storage is a good option for organizing the business's inventory and items before the move and efficiently plan. Be careful about storing items in a storage unit, one that is  climate controlled is essential for electronics, documents, furniture and many other weather sensitive items.

Why is Storage Helpful for a move?

A storage facility is great for storing items that do not need to be at the new office right away or items that you don't want at your new office. These items will get in the way and make the move much more overwhelming. A storage unit can make the moving process much easier and organized, allowing a company to store business inventory or business items at a location where it will not get in the way and can be accessed 24/7. Planning the relocation of a business, as I have said before, should be planned out for a long period of time. During so the company should reserving a storage unit ahead of time and reserve a moving company 6 months before the move. Moving companies need to prepare for a move and trucks might be rented out on the day a company desires to move to a new location, which is why the moving process takes time.

The worst thing a company can do when moving is become disorganized – it makes the process much longer and costly.  A storage unit can be rented for a month or a year, it all depends on what the business needs. Many businesses are looking to suburban communities such as Middleton, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, and Verona for new business locations. We have locations that are close to all of these suburban communities and have moving carts available for businesses to move their items in and out of storage. We want to help your business efficiently move locations and become more successful at the  new location. Don't forget that many electronics, files and documents, and furniture requires a climate controlled unit. 



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