Forces behind this year’s Hot Housing Market

In 2016, middle class families in Wisconsin have had an increase in average income. In addition, the median price of homes has risen and the interest rate on mortgages has decreased. This has led to an increase in the amount of homes being bought and sold in 2016. You can see the data here to support this claim. The hot housing market can be a great thing for the economy, but also be a great burden for families who are selling their homes. Houses in Wisconsin are selling almost too quickly for sellers to prepare for their transition out of the house to a new residence and this is associated with many different problems. 

Problems Associated with Transitioning to a New Residence

Selling your home can be an exciting and stressful experience. Exciting because one can finally sell their house at a higher price than in years past. Stressful because moving out all your belongings and finding a place to store them during your transition to a new home is not an easy task. It can be an easy task though, but many are not informed on how to store their belongings. Below I will explain the different routes people take after selling their home. 

Moving to a Temporary Apartment

Finding a temporary residence is most times what home sellers do after they close on a deal. An apartment usually satisfies one’s temporary residence need, but it’s not easy to move from a large house to a small apartment. Trying to cram everything from a big house into an apartment doesn’t always work so finding a place  place to store their excess items is the next step they take. Cramming an apartment is not always desirable for people and getting rid of a bunch of stuff is not usually what people do when moving to a temporary residence.

Downsizing to a Smaller Household

Moving out of your home to an apartment, condo, or smaller house is not always temporary and may in fact be one’s desire. There are a variety of situations in which one wants to downsize and I have personal experience as a college student. Many of my family friends have kids that are my age and when their kids go to college many families look to downsize to a smaller residence because they don’t need as big of a house. Now that the housing market is stable in Wisconsin, families are looking to sell their bigger houses and to move to a smaller house, keeping profit left from the sale. Transitioning to a smaller residence can be easy with a temporary storage unit, but storing excess items improperly can create mass amounts of problems. 

Finding a Place to Store Personal Property

Making a transition from one household to another can be an overwhelming task and organizing your belongings extremely important. What will you do when you can not fit all of your possessions in your new house or what will you do if you do not know which temporary/permanent residence you want? Storing your belongings in a secure and controlled space is the best option. Yes, one can always call on their friends or family to help them store their belongings through this transition, but many times it can lead to conflict. Taking responsibility for your valuables should be in your hands, not others. It is not always safe to rely on others to make sure your possessions are not damaged or stolen.

Storing Items Improperly

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, many valuables can be damaged due to improper storage. Improper storage, besides storing possessions at an unsecure location, is also relevant when it comes to storing weather-sensitive items. Many items such as electronics and furniture need to be stored in an environment with controlled temperatures and humidity to to avoid being damaged. Storing an item outside in Wisconsin’s humid summers can ruin an item at a fast rate. Many items that you would not even think to be weather-sensitive are and you need to educate yourself before you transition to your new house, apartment, or condo on what needs to be stored in a regulated environment. 

The Solution

Storage facilities now have climate controlled units, which means that they have regulated temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, most - like our business - have advanced security systems. When people’s possessions are stored at a facility with locks but without security cameras, any locked unit is at risk.

Items stored in our storage facilities are worth a lot, some even over a million dollars. Customers wants to know that their items are safe and secure. It should be a top priority for storage owners to make sure their customers know that their possessions are safe and secure. 

Our facilities not only have high tech security systems that tell us who comes in an out of our facilities and are equipped with cameras that survey the whole facility, but we also provide moving carts to help you move your items into our climate controlled units. Our business is centered around customer service and we are more than happy to accommodate your needs as you make a transition between households. Please see our FAQ page or contact one of our representatives for further questions. 


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