Staging Your Home Before Marketing It

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about the housing marketing in Wisconsin and some problems associated with stability and growth within the market of 2016. My focus, in this blog, was the easing the transition between one's old house and new residence. Before you can sell your home, much needs to be done before marketing it to potential home purchasers and selling the property for the highest price possible. Staging your home is the first and most important step when selling a home. Many people hire professionals to stage their home and some do it themselves. People higher professionals because professionals know how to make a house look more attractive to potential buyers and know how to effectively market a house. Each home is uniquely staged before it is put on the market, but what is a given for each house being put on the market is to declutter the house.

Decluttering When Staging

According to reputable sources (Realtor Magazine, HGTV, and other home-staging businesses) clearing out all unnecessary objects throughout the house is the first and most important step in the home staging process. This doesn’t just mean one room, it means the whole house. It can be an overwhelming and a timely task to declutter one's house for many homeowners. Hired home-stagers help you with this process by hiring companies that declutter your home and move your belongings to a different location while it is being staged and sold. Excess furniture is the most significant contribution towards a decluttered looking home - according to professional realtors and home-staging websites. The National Association of Realtors website is full of information from reputable companies that specialize in staging homes and according to them: throughout the staging process people will have to move out almost half their furniture. People think that their home looks attractive with all the furniture they currently have in it, but the professionals know what is best and will require them to get rid of much of their furniture during this process.

Storing After Decluttering 

Holding on to Belongings

What if you don’t want to get rid of your furniture? What if you actually love some of your furnishings and want them for your next house? Storing them is your only option. Where you store them is totally up to you. Professional home-staging companies usually recommend a temporary storage unit, but if you are on a tight budget storing belongings at a friend or family’s house might be the only option. For those who can afford a storage unit, this is the best option for decluttering your house during the staging process. What you are storing and when you are storing is important and educating yourself about how to store certain items – especially furniture – is crucial when keeping items in the same condition before and after temporarily storing them.

Improperly Storing Items Leads to Trouble

Storing items such as furniture seems to be pretty straight forward, but furniture is more susceptible to damage than other items. Humidity causes furniture to crack, discolor, rot, and rustFreezing temperatures causes wooden furniture to crack. Very warm temperatures causes leather furniture to mold and discolor. Storing any valuable in an uncontrolled environment can be detrimental, especially in extreme climates such as Wisconsin. Here you can read about other items that are susceptible to damage from the climate. In addition to climate being dangerous to many valuables, theft and pests can also be a serious threat when items are not stored properly. This is why many professional home-stagers recommend storage units and ones that are climate controlled – depending on when you are storing.

Store Your Items the Right Way

We want to help with your home-staging process. Renting a storage unit – preferably climate controlled – is absolutely your best option when you need to clear out of your house before when staging for potential buyers. Not only are your valuables safe from damage - such as pests, theft, mold, deterioration, flooding, and more - but also are preserved for your next home. Selling furniture is always an option for those decluttering their home and especially those who are downsizing. However, this is a longer process than people think. Selling your furniture should be the last thing on your mind when staging and selling your home. Renting a temporary storage unit to be organized and sell your home at a much higher price is obviously a smart investment. The monthly rent is much cheaper than the money you can lose from a unpresentable house or damage from improper storage.  We ensure that your valuables will be kept safe at our facilities and if you don't believe me see here for our facility specs here. We want to help.


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